National Counselors Meet 2020 at Amity University, Rajasthan

Amity University, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur, organised and hosted the one-day National Counsellor Meet 2020 for mental health on 18 January 2020.  Well-known counsellors from all-over India attended the meet. The Meet was addressed by Professor (Dr) Arun Patil Vice-Chancellor/President, Amity University Jaipur, Professor (Dr) Amit Jain, Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Pro-President, Amity University Jaipur, Dr Durgesh Batra, Deputy Director, Amity University Jaipur and Dr Divya Jain, Head of Psychological Services & Mental Health, Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon. The speakers presented their views on such topics like teaching in the 21st century and the need for coaching and counselling for mental health and challenges facing school counsellors.

Professor Patil spoke on the challenges of modern education and the recent changes. Today all students require counselling. He opined that no matter how busy the student is in his or her studies she/he will require extra-curricular activities, problem-based learning, creativity, tuition, coaching and webinar. Now is the age of automation and AI, as a result of which by 2025 we will require 23800 professionals. Through the learning-based activity, he shed light on the techniques of student assessment. He stressed on the learning-based activity as it would make teaching more interesting.

Addressing the session, Dr Divya Jain said mental stress was the cause of rise in suicides. Dr Jain called for awareness of mental health issues. It should be discussed in classrooms, he stressed. People are being affected by negativity especially because of failure in relationships and the swift changes in social culture. Seeing this trend one must emphasize mental health studies in the curriculum. Today our country faces an 800 per cent shortage of mental health experts. Today we must have a positive attitude to reduce stress. Dr Jain shared her views on mood disorder, eating disorder and said that in present times many Indians consider mental illness as a social stigma. We need to change social mindsets and spread awareness to overcome this problem, he added.

Professor Amit Jain advised that one should develop personal skills as it is the need of the hour. Today we need to update ourselves in order to understand the technology and market demands. Our working style would be completely changed by artificial intelligence and automation in 2028, he predicted. In the near future, teaching skills will be radically changed. We will have robotic teachers, robotic cook and driverless cars. Professor Jain said students should be counselled after studying their personality, their strengths and interest. Students must be good listeners, good communicators, ability to influence people, set their goals, enhance self-awareness and problem-solving abilities if they are to be successful, he added

Dr Durgesh Batra explained through a role-play the techniques to deal with challenges facing school counsellors.

At the end Mr Akshay Jain, Director Marketing and Admissions, Amity University Jaipur thanked all for participating in the event.