3rd National Conference - MHECON 2020

NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore

MHECON 2020 aims to be a creative and informative conference that is towards breaking the stigma around suicide and suicide prevention. the main aim of the conference is to talk about suicide and suicide prevention with the contributor's support. leading academicians, clinicians, mental/public health professionals, mental health care specialists, health care workers, health economists, researchers, scientists, health workers and many more are welcome to share their knowledge and experience in the field of suicide prevention.

On 9th April 2020, a stakeholder meeting called MENTAL HEALTH SANTHE on Suicide Prevention will be a major attraction. It will be a major attraction. It will be the first meet on Suicide Prevention to be conducted in India.

This conference will discuss relevant topics under the broad theme of "Suicide Prevention: Current Challenges and Innovations". Conference participants are expected to gain relevant knowledge and a better understanding of various factors of suicide prevention domains.

The Sub-Theme of this conference are:

  • Suicide prevention: Current Updates
  • Current challenges in the field of suicide prevention
  • The portrayal of suicide in media
  • Scaling new heights: Role of mental health education in suicide prevention
  • Good practices for suicide prevention
  • Embracing the technology for suicide prevention
  • Suicide prevention among young adults
  • Encouraging suicide prevention in the community
  • Culture and Suicidal behaviors
  • Suicide prevention in workplaces
  • Role of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials for suicide prevention

For further information:http://mhecon.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/MHECON-2020-2fold-brochhure-BxB-wFINAL14.02.2020-page-002.jpg