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Dr Latha Janaki

Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Dr Latha Janaki holds a PhD in Psychology, M. Phill. in Psychology, M.Sc/ M.S in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy. Dr Latha is an expert on the following Counselling & Psychotherapy topics A) students-behavioural issues, adolescent issues, B) parental, family, marital and pre-marital relationship, C) stress management, D) corporate counselling/employee counselling. She is popular for her appearances and discussions with respect to psychological counselling on morning talk shows on ‘puthiya thalaimuarai’. She has an overall 32 Years of experience Overall and 14 years as specialist. 

Articles by- Dr Latha Janaki

How can you control overthinking. Suggestions are here

I can't agree more to this statement. We see people who take things very lightly and there are also people, who just over-do or overthink. Sometimes, we continue replaying things that we should h...