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Kajal Gupta


Hello, I am kajal. I have completed my bachelor's in psychology and pursuing masters. I sometimes feel short of words when I speak but writing makes me happy. 

  I usually write about anything when I feel inspired. I am introvert and whenever I write, I am able to give my thoughts a picture. I have chosen psychology as my major as I am inquisitive to know about human behavior.

Articles by- Kajal Gupta

Exam: test of ability or dreaded reality

Exams; a little too familiar words for students all over the place. For some its test of their abilities and for some it becomes the dreaded word. Only hearing about exams give many students goos...

Psychological impact of news and its ways of coping

Day in and day out, we are surrounded by news. People turned to news in order to stay connected to the world. Though, news can be stressful at times due to which many of us experience anxiety lev...