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Dr Sanjoy Mukherji


Dr Sanjoy Mukerji is a Gold Medalist and National and International Award-Winning Psychologist in Mumbai. He was also awarded as "India's Best Psychologist" in 2016. He was also awarded as "Rank-1 (Best) Marriage Counsellor" in 2011. He was honoured with "Maharashtra Gaurav Award" for Excellence in Mind-Body Therapy by Hon'ble Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari in 2018. He provides solutions to various problems in life; such as: anxiety, anger, stress, depression, relationship problems, marital problems, sexual problems, and physical health problems. He is invited as a Keynote Speaker in various countries; such as Japan, Dubai, Italy, Thailand, Mauritius, Germany, etc.


Articles by- Dr Sanjoy Mukherji

Mindset and Gene Expression

Most of us believe that we are stuck with the genes we are born with. However, there are now evidences that we can influence our genes and get healthier. Let’s understand what do we mean by inf...


Mind and body are not only connected, but are inseparably one. Our minds consist of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions/feelings, etc.; which are invisible. We know they are there because we experien...