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Neeta Shetty

Psychotherapist and Life Coach

I have done M. Phil in Psychotherapy and pursuing my PhD in Psychotherapy and Counseling. I am also practising as a Psychotherapist and Life coach. As Psychotherapist and Life Coach I help people to close the gap between where they are and where they intend to be in the future with the support of individual therapy. I also specialize in helping families shift from discord to harmony to go from fighting to enjoying each other as a ‘Family Therapist’. As a Couple and Marital Therapist, I see a lot of marriages ending in divorce. I work with couples to reverse this trend by giving them tools that can work immediately and make their marriage work. I also did Mindfulness Training from the Revered Thich Nhat Hanhs Centre of Mindfulness Plum Village Bordeaux France which gave me the experience to conduct Mindfulness-based retreats and workshops. My additional profile as a Life Coach involves conducting training, seminars, workshops and one to one personal coaching and mentoring for organizations to help their Executives in achieving their highest potential.


Articles by- Neeta Shetty

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