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Pitamber Kaushik

Pitamber Kaushik is a columnist, journalist, writer and amateur researcher, having previously written in over 40 newspapers and outlets in 23 countries across all six continents. He has previously been published in The Hindu, The Telegraph, Gulf News, Asia Times, Brussels Times, The New Delhi Times, and Kashmir Observer, amongst others. 

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The differing responses of nations to COVID-19 are down to a classic Ethical Problem

The Trolley Problem is usually deemed to be the epitome of the 'Greater Good Debate'. It is quintessentially a conflict between actively seeking and promoting the "Greater Good" and adhering to "...

The Imitation Jewellery Paradox

The prevalent motivation behind donning jewellery is the embellishment of one's aesthetic. Less prevalent motives are metaphysical beliefs, spiritualism, faith and superstition, investment and de...