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Anushka Agrawal

Author and Student

Anushka has been an avid writer ever since she found her voice and learned to express it regarding the atrocities inflicted on women. Penning down her sorrows and experiences was a mere hobby until she realised that it was all she ever wanted. She wanted to be heard and to be there for every person like her, to make them fall in love with the imperfections of their existence. She has been intrigued by the genres of romance and inspiration. Being fascinated by the human mind, she is currently pursuing psychology. Also, philosophy and art have always appealed to her. Identifying herself as a feminist in the recent years, stirred her to write about the incredible souls women are and to remind them to always embrace their real self and be aware of their worth. 

Articles by- Anushka Agrawal

Effectiveness Of Interventions In Countering Covid-19 Pandemonium: A Psychological Perspective

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a shift in the standard way of living. It has posed challenges on a global level. While the scientists are in a persistent quest for early prevention and cure, ec...