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W Yasashree

Psychology (Psychosocial Clinical Studies)

My life has truly been an adventure thanks to my father's job. Travelling to one place after another, adjusting to every place, attaching and deattaching....I can just go on and on. All through these years I was fortunate to be close to nature, understanding the different facets of human life and engaging with my passion of dacing and reading books. I did not learn dance professionally but I always sense a connection the moment music plays and there is this sudden urge to dance away.

Since childhood, I was fascinated with reading books of the mystery genre. There was something exciting in the thrilling adventures it presented; often visualizing myself as the detective, out to unravel the mysteries surrounding a shocking incident. Significant people in my life thought I would most likely fit in those areas of life which required a strong personality yet I knew how vulnerable I was. I would imagine myself becoming a detective, lawyer, librarian and what not. Little did I know that I would find all these professions culminated into one:Psychology. In my opinion psychology is a culmination of most of the professions present today coupled with an accepted vulnerability at heart. Truly vulnerability is strength here. I gather destiny oplayed a role in what I am today. And thanks to that.

I am a post graduate in Psychology with specialization in Psycho-social Clinical Studies. Having studied psychology since my high school years till present day; in the process, I inculcated an interested in psychoanalysis and most significantly in the area of dreams. I did my dissertation on dreams which was not just enlightening but also extremely interesting and exciting. I wish to persue my interests in the clinical area and attempt to make a difference in the area of mental health albeit through small careful steps. Currently as a small step towards this change, I have joined a start-up initiative named Samajh: Tune into your mind which is inclined towards spreading mental health awareness through mental health campaigns and events. 


Here's hoping to new beginnings and exciting adventures in life. Cheers to giving our 100% efforts in life!!!

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