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Nida Syed

Assistant Professor

Nida Syed is a Clinical Psychologist, Counselor, Research Associate and Psychosocial volunteer. She started her career as a psychologist in London (UK), and now serving as an Assistant Professor- Psychology at Bangalore, India.

A registered practitioner of British Psychological Society, she holds a Masters in Psychology degree from University of East London, United Kingdom. She has been working in the field of mental health, engaging in various on ground and online projects for the last seven years .With an immense passion for experiential education and learning, she has, to her credit, an enviable experience of working with various Mental Health Organizations like Mind Hospital (UK), London Borough of Newham (UK), Neuropsychiatric hospitals (India), Psychological Institutes (India) across the globe.

She always have an inclination towards writing and recently, through her association with ‘Psychologs’, she was able to pursue her passion of writing and creating awareness about Mental Health.

Articles by- Nida Syed

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