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Mitesh Jain

Founder & Chief Travel Psychologist

We are Professional Psychologists with 4+ years of experience and for the past 3+ years we devoted ourselves to the research & development of multidisciplinary subjects of travel and psychology. Where we developed the LEGIT travel model and Tangible Travel Tool for travellers, psychologists, businesses and industry stakeholders. We at Mandeha, being pioneers of Travel Psychology, the tourism industry must adapt to this on-going change that is having a major impact in the world, wellbeing and quality of life. Alongside we have travelled more than 60 places capturing travel experience and stories cultivating into life changing and transforming moments. We have spent considerable time as travellers and psychologists while working with international organisations. Recent awards and recognition of Won most novel dedicated psychologist at Healthcare Awards in 5th annual Global Health and Pharma (GHP). Mandeha as a travel psychologist also focuses on global development goals with emphasis on mental and societal wellbeing.

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Travel Psychologist Perspective: How not been able to travel in affecting our mental wellbeing as travel escapist

Travel is a positive resource of escape for almost everyone. It’s accepted to need a discontinuity from workloads, from roles as well as responsibilities, from daily routine and some crazy indi...