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Prasiddhi Arora


Hey you beautiful human!

Let me introduce myself!

I’m an ordinary girl trying my bits to create awareness about the taboo subject like mental health. The whole concept makes me curious to know more about it. The human incarnation by the environmental factors makes each of them unique, dealing with them is always a new opportunity to learn. I am a curious learner and a seeker of an opportunity to make this place our world a better place to live.

Talking about my academics, I have done my graduation in economics from DU. While pursuing my graduation; I realized that some bits are missing in the acknowledgement of mental health issues. So here I am, doing my bits to create awareness and try to make people confident enough to accept what they go through.

Hoping you find my piece of work helpful and informative.

 Sending all the love and positive vibes to you.

See you!  Peace out :)

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