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Vedika Agarwal

Researcher & Forensic Psychologist in training

I am Vedika Agarwal, a forensic psychologist in training. I have completed my Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health from the University of Manchester, U.K. I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society. I have in-depth knowledge about mental health as well as core skills and understanding about Forensic Psychology. In my professional career, I have worked for various NGOs and Mental Health organisations. I have also worked as a special educator in an international school.  I have experience working with people with various mental health problems and illnesses. My client base includes the deviant population, adolescents, children, and adults. I am also a research scholar and have successfully completed three research papers in the field of psychology and sociology. My broad research interests are ‘Understanding of the Criminal mind and the different Reformation Interventions used for offenders’.  I am passionate and determined to help reform and rehabilitate ex-offenders and prisoners and understand the reasons behind criminal behaviour.

Articles by- Vedika Agarwal

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