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Preetika Chandna


Dr. Preetika Chandna is a counsellor, psychologist, and freelance writer running her private counselling centre since 2012. She firmly believes that ‘The Best Day to Change is... Today!’ and her faith in the intrinsic ability of each individual to change inspired her clinic to be aptly named the 'Change Counselling Centre'. She is a Life Member of the National Academy of Psychology. She frequently lectures at schools in Meerut and conducts workshops on common problems for parents and teenagers such as examination stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and adjustment issues. Dr. Chandna is an avid writer and uses her clinical experience to write on parenting, mental and health problems, and psychological issues facing children and women. When she’s not counselling or writing, you will find her spending time with her daughter or at a movie theatre.

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How raising a challenging child can be easier?

Every child is different. Yes, you’ve heard that before. Well, it’s true. Different children, different needs.Most parents are different in their parenting styles. Another parent’s perfect ...