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M. A Psychology Student

My name is Himani. I am a B.el.ed graduate from Delhi University and currently pursuing masters in Psychology from IGNOU. I aspire to become a counselor. My interest lies in Child Psychology and Educational Psychology. My interest in Psychology grew during my graduation. I have done internships at different government schools during b.el.ed. During these internships, I observed students and noticed how different aspects such as family, peers, teachers and classroom environment affect their learning. How student's previous experiences and learning shapes their behaviour and thoughts. 

I love reading psychologs as it gives various psychological facts. It creates awareness among people related to the field of psychology. It provides a better understanding about several concepts important in Psychology like personality, parenting, relationships, etc. 

Articles by- HIMANI SHARMA

Establishing identity during adolescence

Self Identity is how we define ourselves as a person or in simple terms, "Who we are?” The development of a strong sense of self and personality is Identity formation. It mainly occurs during t...