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Rima Barua Chowdhury

working professional

Hi, This is Rima. By profession, I am a Sales Manager. Currently residing in Bangalore city. But deep down I believe am a writer and an advocate of creativity. I love writing and I have a passion to explore new ideas not just about the world, but anything that excites my imagination. I intend to pursue my desire to gain personal satisfaction in the long run. In short, I am a simple city girl, complemented with the qualities of understanding and expressing what I experience.

Articles by- Rima Barua Chowdhury

How can we control our minds and make friends with it?

Does it often happen that you got stuck? You are confused. You have no clue in life. You don't know what to do next. Hang on! It is essential to stop by and recognize your thoughts, comparing ...

Tool for happiness: Self-Care & Self-Love

self-love and self-care are keys for fostering improved mental health and well-being. loving and caring for oneself helps us become truly happy and satisfied with oneself. once we learn to value...