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Prakriti Kewalramani


I've graduated with a degree in BA(Honors) in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Counseling and Guidance. I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Psychology from KC College, Mumbai. I've done internships in Clinical Psychology, Career Counseling, and a dissertation in my Graduation. My area of interest in Psychology is mainly Clinical, Social, Research, and Forensic Psychology. I've been a part of the NSS program for all three years of my graduation and completed an Internship at NSS organized by the Government of India. I've also done short-term courses like RIO+24 and COP +24 Programs organized by IARC Centre for UN. I enjoy listening to music, watching thrillers and drama movies, and tv series in my leisure time. I'm particularly interested in studying and watching documentaries about Serial Killers.  


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Psychophysics is a field of study that basically researches or investigates the connection between physical stimuli and the perceptions and sensations that it produces, finding the relationship b...