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Akshita Dhiman


Instagram handle- @pondering_mind_

I am pursuing Bachelors in Psychology from Government Post Graduate College, Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh).

My articles have been published in the book ''Selected Works of Young Social Science Researchers'' by GEDY and Works on SDG-2030 and Innovations.


Articles by- Akshita Dhiman

Quarantine: The Good and The Bad

Mother earth is healing itself. The level of pollution apparently decreased. Ozone layer started to heal itself. ‘Blue sky is visible in Delhi’. So, this time of crisis is a lesson from mothe...

Bollywood- A Real World for the Youth?

Whether Bollywood is the legalized porn site? Porn sites are considered inadequate for a child’s mental development. Families often opt for parental control and try their best to keep their ch...