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Dr Monica Sharma

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Monica Sharma is a RCI (Rehabilitation council of India) Licensed Clinical Psychologist at The IIS University, Jaipur, India. Dr. Sharma was educated at the same university, and graduated in Psychology Honors, she did her Masters in Psychology. She attended Amity University Rajasthan for her professional degree (M.Phil) of 2 years under the able guidance of Prof. S. S. Nathawat before gaining her P.hd in Clinical Psychology from The IIS University. Her PHd topic focused on CBT and Mindfulness as a treatment for Depression. Her area of interest is Mindfulness. She has attended many nationional and international conferences in India and abroad. She is currently the head of the counselling center at the university. Her work includes training undergraduate and postgraduate students in clinical and counselling psychology including basic counselling skills, ethics, therapies and research supervision. Also conducts workshops for staff and students and counsels those in need.

Articles by- Dr Monica Sharma

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