What Are The Impacts Of Individual Roles And Responsibilities On A Relationship?

What Are The Impacts Of Individual Roles And Responsibilities On A Relationship?

From ages, when humans came into existence, there have been a development of the way of living and it has been there till date along with changes for the betterment of the human race. Even after diverse civilizations continued to persist, there has been a distinction in masses and classes. After coming to an era that is known for its thought process and conducts that have been driven by equality and will, still there is a struggle between a larger section of population because of the attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices that has been established years and years ago. If we look at the nature of these thought and conducts, it appears that they are a part of our collective unconsciousness and even if we do not want to operate on them our subconscious is what boosts these ideologies and makes us believe these to some realities that cannot be eradicated. Roles and responsibilities have been an important part of our lives as they are seen as a part of our identities and more than that, value and importance is often assigned on the basis of it. Let us see how these 2 aspects can be seen in a relation and also are these any changes that it can potentially bring in the quality and understanding of a relationship?

A relationship can be defined on many different factors and has subjective meanings. The kind or roles and responsibilities we get in that equation can also impact the way we color the entire picture. Looking at relationships that people of different genders share can be different from each other in numerous ways. Typically there have been 2 dominant genders when it is talked about the categories, namely males and females. Both these genders have distinct personalities and their responsibilities also set them apart in positions and functions. Even though a revolution has begun to change what was not just and equal, significant archetypes are also taking a new shape. It is about gender roles and responsibilities as it contributes in making a person identify them and attach a value to their idea of ​​self. Perception of having and equal position has been a long thought and genders have been moving out of a caged mind frame that was built by the society and also influenced by collective unconscious. Both the genders have few defining traits that make them ideal for certain jobs and positions. For instance things like men are good leaders, they are strong, they know to handle things and so on, and when it comes to women they are perceived to be as nurturing, caring, loving and they have the ability to think about others more than themselves. These pillars of characteristics have been hindering with the kind of work one will do as being a couple. Mostly women are seen as house makers and men are the bread earners of the family. These roles give them positions and according to those positions they have a certain power and authority. These sets have established a restricted mind set which make people uncomfortable when few things go out of order. Women at the same time are trying to make their position and in a struggle to constantly prove them as something that are not less than what males are. This in turn has an impact on their identity which makes them decide the attitude and norms on which a relationship that they will be forming. Men in this picture play an important role because their perception about their partner's work, career and life choices help them in forming the grounds on which their relationship will be standing. Imagine a situation in which a woman is keen on working for her job and not entirely be available in the house 24/7, but her partner is not willing for that because her attitude and perception is not in line with that of her partner. This can be a bigger problem because it can make them question the understanding that they would have formed for each other. It is possible to have this situation in real life and most of us might have even dealt with it. For some it might not be a problem but for some it can create emotional tension which remains with them for a long period of time. It might be struggle for women in a different way, at the same time it is an aspect that keeps on pressurizing males as well. There is a constant need for them to work and be responsible for that. It takes away a lot of their time in which they would have reflected upon their needs and bonds. When it is about males they have been conditioned in a manner which demands them to take care of the entire family. It can make them be directed towards leading most of their lives in that direction keeping their relationships on the backseat. In a similar manner females are taught to be nurturing and caring, even if they want it or not it is just there that they have to get married one day and take care of a family. These conditionings, that are opposite in nature tends to expose males and female of being vulnerable when they try to bring a change. Clashes are highly expected when we bring a married couple under this umbrella. As a wife or as a husband it does add to the identity to the existing personalities of the person and as a result of which they have to accept the role and responsibility that they are assigned. Willingly or unwillingly often there are circumstances and can come naturally and for which not each and every individual is ready. Relationship in itself introduces individuals with a new set of aspects that were not there previously. At the same time it is a huge chunk of an individual's life, let it be a male or a female but then it is important to understand the pre-existing ideologies that hinder with the entire process. In today’s life where most of the aspects are being debated on and perceptions are taking a new form. As with developing new ideas are breaking the stereotypes and rigid attitudes, they are opening an endless possibility of interpreting multiple roles and responsibilities by our own level of cognition.

As human beings, we have created our patterns and notions of things that matter to us let it be anything, we assign a value to it by being influenced by so many factors. It can be conscious or can be done subconsciously. The more we will learn and grow, the more we will realize the importance of each and every responsibility of a relationship. Let it be a new addition, after some time your mind will be fixed around it. Also having an influenced understanding of roles and responsibilities, it can make you have a negative impact on your understanding and behavior. In a relationship it is important for both the individuals to understand the nature of the assigned tasks and appreciate the importance of mental well-being that it generates. It might appear to be a challenging task to make adjustments or to train your brain in certain ways but that is what one should understand that what is important and what it will fetch them in a relationship. Not all the answers will be the same but point to identify with your needs in a relationship with respect to the roles and responsibilities at the same time giving the other person the opportunity to do the same. There should be a dialogue regarding it where both the individuals can get the required space to accomplish their best. Most importantly it is essential to keep ones ego aside and then thinking about these aspects as they hold the potential to make a relationship healthy at the same time make 2 individuals understand each other in a better manner.

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  • Beautifully written!! I have a girlfriend and we share a beautiful bond because we are vocal about things and I believe that friendship is the most important thing in a relationship.

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