TV actress Sejal Sharma commits suicide at the age of 25

TV actress Sejal Sharma commits suicide at the age of 25

On Friday morning actress Sejal Sharma was found hanging at her residence in Mira Road in neighbouring Thane district of Maharashtra. Sources revealed that two of her friends were present at that time who forced their way in when she was not responding to their calls. Suicide note discovered by the police stated that she was taking extreme step due to personal reasons. She was known for her role of Simmy Khosla in the show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji. 

The news of Sejal's sudden demise shook everyone's heart. The news felt like a blow to the heart. They say that happiest faces hides the most saddest heart. The statement carries the heavy meaning in it. We as individuals faces many ups and downs in life. Life is amalgamation of both good times and bad times .  Bad times will go away. Just when the caterpillar thought world is over, it became a butterfly.The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment when miracles happen. These challenges come to us to make us stronger and resilient.Don't loose heart in  front of these challenges. One should not let these hardships overwhelm them. 

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