Tiny baby heaven!

Tiny baby heaven!

4 years before a tiny member decided to accompany me happily .Heaven, an English cocker spaniel is a special part of my family who made my life a much better place with his charming and convincing nature. He when young suffered, and survived a disease with a strong heart. He loves being a part of family gatherings and is super obsessed with chicken. His anger can be seen when his food and his leash is kept in an open place and you are seen around it also when scolded by someone, he tries to persuade that one with a cute face with large eyes and long fluffy ears. My mornings starts with his lick on my face and his jumps on my body. He is the smartest as when I am about to leave the house he sits at the door wanting me not to leave him. He likes being massaged under his ears and when I stop he touches my hand to continue the same. There is not a single day that passes by that he don’t do countless things to put a smile on my face. Words can’t express how much I love him. I thank him for being the greatest companion in my life. None brings me the amount of joy that he does, which is why he will always mean a universe to me.

-Jasleen Kaur

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