TAPAS stands for Training for Augmenting Productivity and Services is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) launched by Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr. Virendra Kumar. It is developed by the National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the presence of Ministers of State, Shri RamdasAthawaleand SushriPratimaBhoumik. TAPAS offers various online courses in the field of Social defense. Five Courses on subjects Drug or Substance Abuse Prevention, Geriatric or Elderly Care, Care and Management of Dementia, Transgender Issues, and Social Defence Issues will be available free of cost. The platform provides filmed recorded lectures and e-study material. The platform provides lectures delivered by subject access, Study material in digital form, and many more. The idea is to provide a physical classroom scenario without any compromise on teaching quality. The objective is to impart knowledge and to enhance the awareness and skills of participants. The course can be taken up by anyone and is completely free of cost. Dr. Virendra Kumar requested everyone to enroll in these courses for a far better understanding of issues like drug abuse prevention and Dementia. Transgender welfare and beggary prevention, elderly care especially care and management of dementia.

One of the Courses involved in TAPAS is Care and Management of Dementia, according to World Health Organisation Dementia is a syndrome or group of disorders that leads to deterioration in cognitive functions. It affects our memory, thinking, comprehension, calculation, learning, capacity, language, judgment, and the ability to perform daily tasks. It affects the older population and is a normal part of aging. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia which may contribute more than 60% people of the total cases. Dementia has a huge impact on Physical, Psychological, Social, and Economic factors in a person’s life even impacting career, family, and society on a large scale. The initiative by the ministry brings awareness about the causes and prevention of dementia through online free courses.

Joint Secretary of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Ms. Radhika Chakravarthy throws light on the components of TAPAS. She added that TAPAS has a quadrant approach. Firstly there will be a virtual class where subject experts will deliver the lectures with the help of animated graphics and PowerPoint presentations. Secondly, participants will be provided with informative materials like articles, case studies, and other study material on the related topic details which will be available in the future as well for references. Thirdly, after completing each module students can assess their understanding of the subject with the help of multiple-choice questions. Fourthly, a discussion forum on the portal on which doubts will be raised and cleared by the respective course coordinator.

In the Covid19 pandemic, education completely shifted online through various government platforms like Swayam Online courses, Diksha app for school students. TAPAS is one such initiative to make the citizens aware of Social Defence and what all can be included to carry forward the idea of social defense. The idea of TAPAS was conceptualized when the online medium became the alternative for work and education due to the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic. This initiative can help maximum participation of stakeholders and volunteers in diverse fields of social defense for better training and understanding.



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