Psychology Is Becoming Determinant of Marriage Life

Psychology Is Becoming Determinant of Marriage Life

Psychology Is Becoming Determinant of Marriage Life

A romantic relationship has a vital role in the healthy functioning of human life. So we generally have golden standards in selecting our partner. Especially, Recent women show greater importance on mental health and they believe that if their partner's mental well-being, she can lead a happy life. So, they ask their romantic men to go for therapy before marriage. Even dating application has also included the option of mental health care in it. Particularly, many social media users use this strategy in selecting or rejecting partners. “All men should be required to go to therapy before pursuing a relationship with anyone lol,” said one Twitter user.

THE RED FLAG OF #Allmenneedtherapy

This trend is particularly famous on the social media platform’s mentioning Hashtag ‘Allmenneedtherapy’ which has 6 million views. They use such hashtags in videos where they use the list of remarks that hold them on men. This reminiscence approach denotes the problematic situation of people which is generally called a “red flag” on Twitter. The hashtag, ‘#allmenneedtherapy’ has been taken seriously by some people and others as a humorous thing.

This craziness around mental health about men is now being established on dating sites and applications as well. This new launch helps people to share freely about their mental health and induce excitement, which has been agreed by young people. The dating app has also been updated to share our description of our mental health on the profile page by making sentences like “I would like to.....”, “my mental care routine is…”, “my therapist would advise…”

This new trend clearly shows the awareness and demand for mental health wellbeing among young agers. “It can be observed that talking about mental has evolved from “oh no” to ‘#allmenneedtherapy’” said a relationship counselor. They stated that people have been working on their development and seek to be with someone who has the same.


this is a statistical report that ‘over 94% people of hinge users taking care of themselves mentally. But only 9% of people are talking about therapy on the first date. But it doesn’t show, how many men do take care. But, understandably, the number would be too less. Many researchers suggest that heterosexual men tend to show less care for mental health than homosexuals and bisexuals. Furthermore, Heterosexual men are less likely to seek professional help. This concept was trended only during the Covid-19 Pandemic, especially among men.

However, most of us have awareness that it is a completely personal decision in response to “Allmenneedtherapy”. At the same time, it doesn’t make any change in having fun over the hashtag. One Twitter user has mentioned that “men will unwantedly go reversely to the parking area instead of the therapist”.


From the above, we can clearly understand that mental awareness has been evolving day by day which is a good thing but at the same time, it should be passed into others with great concern. So if both genders would develop mental health care, it can promote good lives

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