From the time you held me when I was born
You have held me strong through all my wrongs
From changing my nappy to keeping me happy
You have managed everything so perfectly
From fixing my problem to fixing my broken heart
From helping me fight my fears to wiping my tears
You have taken care of it all
You taught me how to live
And have given me wings to fly
There has never been a time
When I have felt less than a princess in my life
Thank you for loving me unconditionally
Thank you for being my constant support
I am what I am because of you
And all that I have, I owe it to you!

PARENTS- reason for existence in this world. Parenthood as a journey embarks even before the child is born. They start making changes in their already existing world to make space for their unborn child, adequate enough for growth. From deciding what would they name their child, to arguing whom would the child (yet to be born) resemble more, their world revolves around it.

Can you imagine what your parents must have felt when they first held you in their arms? Can you wonder how magical that moment must have been for them...? Could you? No? Yes? You can, when you will stand in your parents shoes.

Not only are your parents creditable for your existence, but also for the way each cell in your body functions. Surprising, isn't it? From physical to the neuro-psychological processes, it has all been worked upon by them. Let's understand how.

Genes- the basic physical and functional unit of heredity, the DNA is the base for any living organism. From the colour of your eyes to the texture of your skin, it is passed down to you by your parents. From the way your hair shines, the way you walk, the way you talk, to those pretty brown eyes; it is all inherited from your parents.

Brain- the most important organ of the body. The 'prefrontal cortex', generally known as the 'executive area' of the brain, is responsible for all your important life functions that you have no control over to develop when you are small. It is your parents who nurture it with their care, love, efforts and protection.

Intelligence- the ability to understand, learn and think. Intelligence to a great extent depends on the genes inherited from the parents and rest to the way it is nurtured. Remember solving puzzle pieces, matching boards, building blocks and playing with many other toys? Your parents bought them for you to impart an encouraging environment to harbour your intelligence.

Personality- characteristics that makes you an individual. Do you have a strong, interesting and attractive personality? That's the way your parents have brought you up! The way you perceive yourself, is a reflection of what they see you as.

If you look admirable, have a personality that makes heads turn or doing well in life, turn around and thank your parents. You could not have come this far without them. Now to all those who after reading this are feeling inadequate, stop here for a minute before you turn around to blame your parents. Take a moment and reflect back and speculate why you feel inadequate and realize if it was your choice or your parents' fault.

Parents do what is best in their capacity and even beyond to give you the best. In spite of all that they do for you, what is it that you tend to see- times they have faltered? Remember 'your parents weren't parents before you'. They as parents grow with you and learn along the way. Parents are human and just as all other human beings make mistakes, they do too. But these mistakes aren't committed under the act of selfishness, rather in the want of giving us more and better. Don't you commit mistakes? Aren't you forgiven sooner or later? Then why is it so difficult for you to forgive your parents? Never thought they are humans too?

Nothing in this world can measure up to the level of love of a parent. No matter what you do, you can never equalise in terms of money or kind all that they have done for you. You can never square the sacrifices they have made for you. But as your parents' child, you can justify their efforts and sacrifices. You need to do nothing very extravagant to do so, all you need to do is to 'love them and respect them'- this is all it takes and it is all that they want. Don't dessert them, 'you' is all that they have.

'You' are the investment of their life! Don't bring tears to the eyes that have stayed awake at nights making sure you sleep peacefully. Life is unpredictable, don’t waste it or you will regret later for all that you couldn't say to your parents while they were here to hear you say it. "Thank you mom and dad for all that you do for me and I am sorry for hurting you unknowingly" – this is all it takes!

Three cheers for all the parents round the world,
Hip-hip hurrah!
Hip-hip hurrah!
Hip-hip hurrah!


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