Vacancies of Clinical/ Child Psychologist. Did you apply?

Vacancies of Clinical/ Child Psychologist. Did you apply?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, starting to recruit employees to work in various departments. Applications are available online for applying for the posts which are available as per the categories mentioned. AIIMS has mentioned the needful information like eligibility criteria, qualification needed for the post, important dates of application, years of experience required for the particular post, in order to recruit employee/candidate fit for the responsibilities of the different posts which are vacant currently. The application for the posts should be submitted before 31st August 2020, as mentioned. Detailed information is made available for the applicants about the number of vacancies along with categorization of each position in the institute.

Medico Social Worker, Child Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist are few vacant positions, where one can apply at AIIMS. There are guidelines available for easy access to the applications. Online instructions are given to go through the applications and the submission dates for better understanding and clarity.


Medico Social worker: MA/MSW in Medical Social Work

Child Psychologist/Clinical Psychologist: M.Phil in Clinical Psychology 

Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in slowing down of the regular processes in society. Situations are getting under control because of which people are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’ way of life, where each day is challenging and motivation is the way to get through it. Every sector of the society is working towards a smooth transition back to the regularity so that the safety is not disrupted of the people. People have started working from home during the quarantine period trying to maintain stability. Going physical to work wasn’t possible since so many months. Now that needful precautions are taken everywhere, people have started going to work maintaining the social distancing for safety purposes.

AIIMS took special measures to make sure peoples’ safety at home by providing guidelines to be followed during the quarantine period. For making it accessible for any layman to take precautions, instructions and guidelines were provided in English and Hindi both. For patients with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease-specific guidelines were made available taking into consideration the pandemic situation.

AIIMS is a renowned institute which aims at providing the best facilities for people who come in. Graduate and post-graduate education and training programs are provided by the institute. Diploma programs, certifications and doctorate programs are also available with great training process. Career opportunities in departments of Pharmacy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Forensic Medicine to name a few, are provided by AIIMS.

AIIMS is giving opportunities to the people in the society through this recruitment process. It is in a way a positive aspect and change in the society towards motivating people to get back up and approach with a positive attitude.

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