My awesome pet!

My awesome pet!

I have a female German shepherd. She plays around in the house and always runs here and there. It was a few years back as while playing she knocked off one of the flower pot in the balcony and she could hurt herself. Seeing this I got angry and at the heat of the moment, I scolded her badly. She was very scared as I never scolded her before. That day she didn't eat anything and sat in a corner for the rest of the day. I even tried giving her favourite biscuits but she wouldn't eat anything. I cuddled and patted her and played with her. Once, she realised that I wasn’t angry anymore it was then that she ate her food. This made me realise how sensitive she is when it comes to detecting the emotions. Animals might have a lesser brain than us but they have equal feelings. She is a part of the family and I would never dare to shout on her or any other animal.

-Gaurav Dixit

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