Mental awareness: Need of the Hour

Mental awareness: Need of the Hour

Cases of psychological problems are increasing. We Can see everyday reporting of psychological issues. This can be good news for us. I can call it happy news because psychological issues were always there, just nowadays people have started to notice it and now they talk about it.


 I remember when I went for a survey and have been told that I should not go to that house which was just next on my list. an aunt had told me that no one goes to that woman’s house because she is a bad woman, because she had born a mad girl. And a meeting that woman is not good for anyone. I understood that in our society even today if a child is not mentally healthy then only her mother is being blamed for that. However, the truth is not that her mother would be responsible for this disability Rather, there can be a disease. and it is very normal that the only mother will be blamed, don't know why can’t be a father or a mother.


 Well, leave mental disabilities too, why do people not understand that he could not be mad or cursed, he could be a little different from us. When an abnormal child is being called a special child in a normal school, it is not necessary that the child likes to be called special. When I asked one such child, How Special You are... She Told Me that She Hate to be being special. She to be told me just because of being special no one wants to be her friend.


According to the rule of the survey, I wanted the data of every third house, if I had left this house, then I would have to make the direction map again, and if it had not left, the others would not give me entry to their house. I just understood that Nikki you have to escape this house.


Now the people do not hesitate to talk to a mental health specialist. This pandemic has made them realize that the mind is an important asset. It is not only meant for performing well in exams or cracking the deal but also understand that a mind is a sacred place. The good news is that people are now beginning to understand that our brain is a part of our body like our other organs. And just as the rest of the organs may have problems due to the entry of external unwanted things, in the same way, there can be problems due to unwanted conditions or unwanted emotion or thought.


This revolution and change was much needed and was long overdue. Mental illness, which was badly stigmatized, is being discussed more openly and sensitively. While much work remains to be done in the awareness field, people are embracing mental health concerns and treatments, not treating them as karma punishments, irreparable insanity, or asylum-borne diseases, giving them the opportunity for treatment and rehabilitation.


That is not all. It is not only for diagnosable conditions that people have started seeking psychiatric help but also for self-work, flexibility building, and perception management for better health, functioning, and quality of life.


Just Like a stomach gets upset by the entry of something unwanted or undigestable food, your health also depends on what is entering into your brain. That unhealthy choice or unwanted emotion or events can harm your mind. The unhealthy choice is not a weakness in cognition, it is the side effect of never being taught or aware of the fact that we can make choices in perception and engagement that affect our lives. This is why we all need a qualified professional to listen purposefully, to let you voice your thoughts that you did not notice earlier, to cope with the past, to show your strengths, and point to the development areas. One who can support creative change, perceptions for empowerment, adaptation, and persistence, can help maintain health, cognitive and happiness hygiene and can lead us to healthy and like-minded versions of ourselves.

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