Learning through Surroundings

Learning through Surroundings

Being a Passionate Student of Psychology, it has always been my passion to observe a subject in different situations. And kids have always been my favorite subject. Today, taking note of one such hobby, I noted a very odd behavior. ... Children were playing with a new Born Baby Dog and throwing stones at its mother, then some children were afraid of the Grasshopper and shouting unnecessarily.

From where Such hobbies come into our children, stoning animals, disturbing cats, or looking at a snake and considering it as terrible as a dinosaur...

Is our school or our upbringing unable to provide accurate knowledge of the environment and Nature to our children? No. It's not like that! Children have some learning styles such as visual learning, auditory learning, etc. Children are often taught all the things that they see their teacher doing - such as their parents or their ideal companions.

So we need to know how we treat animals and plants around us and how we should behave!

Those children should also know that all animals are not dangerous. we can learn from all those animals around us. 

Watch wild animals from afar and love pet animals, Don't hurt Street animals

Let them know that all animals are not dangerous

Our children should know to respect the behavior and diversity of different animals on earth. 

They should also know that the earth is their home and we have broken the house of the animals and made them our home, so don't disturb them at least in their new adjusted home.

Do not even disturb the aquatic animal by throwing pebbles in the water.

Parents and educators have a great responsibility to teach them well about Nature and the environment. Our kids need to learn about their surroundings well. Nature is also a great teacher.

Nature is the tiger, that extraordinary animal with its energy, its great sense of power. Nature is the solitary tree in the field, the meadows, and the grove; it is that squirrel shyly hiding behind a bough. Nature is the ant and the bee and all the living things of the earth. Nature is the river, not a particular river, whether the Ganges or the river near us. One must have a feeling for all this, not destroy it, not kill for one's pleasure. 

We all read in newspapers these days about the Man Animal Conflict,  encroachment, and poaching somewhere, and at the same time, we also get to see that an angry elephant killed a person! Yes! This is called Man Animal Conflict. We can't deny the fact that the simple presence of an animal can strongly enhance positive social behaviors in children. Teach them well!


Our Children Should Be Environmental Sensitive and a good Care Giver


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