How Can You Save Your Relationship By Resolving Conflicts & Misunderstandings?

How Can You Save Your Relationship By Resolving Conflicts & Misunderstandings?


What happens when a conflict arises in a relation? How to resolve misunderstandings in a relationship such that neither of you suffer and relationship flourishes? A misunderstanding or a conflict in a relationship may be defined as any kind of argument or disagreement regarding the way money has to be spent or different opinions regarding something. Such instances can be extremely stressful for both the individuals and it may also bring some issues into limelight on which discussion was necessary.

Misunderstanding may not always bring a negative impact on a relationship however sometimes it contributes in increasing the closeness or attachment. Conflicts in a relationship are a normal action reaction process. A relationship in which no misunderstanding arises is wrongly considered to be perfect instead a relationship in which several misunderstanding arises and still both partners manage to resolve such conflicts and tend to remain together happily is in true sense a prosperous relation. Misunderstandings or conflicts are part of all relationships. However what really matters is how serious and determined you are to resolve misunderstandings and protect your relationship.

Once a fight is over or misunderstanding gets resolved, it fosters understanding and enhances your strength, patience and love for one another. Efforts created by each to resolve issues bring a sense of pride and will increase respect for the partner. But an everyday fight in a relationship for the same particular thing will be very damaging and distressing. Fights should be managed effectively and efficiently and needs to be resolved peacefully. Maintaining a calm attitude while dealing with misunderstanding is a matured way of facing challenges in relationships.

Prepare a plan for such tough times in future:-

  • Don't lose your calm in tough times.
  • Learn Self-discipline
  • Always express your feelings, don't hide your emotions below a smile. Talk about how you feel without blaming your partner.
  • Learn to view things from a different perspective.
  • Communication is essential. So, communicate with each other, no matter how massive or tiny misunderstandings arise.
  • Don't lose your trust in your better half because of some unsolved misunderstanding.
  • Anger management is necessary. Learn to control your anger outbursts and help each other to manage it.
  • Be respectful to one another.
  • Learn to settle conflicting opinions and accept mid-way conclusions.

In times when you are extremely angry at your partner then it is suggested to lose this negative energy by energy channelization on some constructive activity so as to unleash this extra energy and avoid making the situation more critical. Relaxation and mindfulness strategies can also facilitate calming you down.

Relationships become better when a significant time is devoted in developing a good understanding and designing strategies to deal with ups and downs in future. Relationships nurture for a long time when each partner tends to unravel all their misunderstanding or slightest conflicts instead of simply avoiding their problems and pretend everything to be fine. If something upsets you or your partner it should not be considered as a little thing because anything that brings a negative impact on your well-being and relationship is huge and must be resolved. Understanding is very important because in a relationship you both have to understand and respect each other's opinions and settle conflicting decisions or views. However, individuals can be made to understand situations from the other persons’ perspective by the use of appropriate language and stories that communicate their message effectively. Learn to appreciate little acts of kindness and this can help a relationship foster better and enhance understanding.

Communication is key to all healthy relationships. Communication can facilitate to resolve almost any misunderstandings or conflicts; the only thing it demands is patience and a listening ear. Emotions are subjective. Emotions are the most personal experiences and every individual experiences them in a different way. So, they themselves are the best judge of their emotions, nature and intensity. So, we should always encourage ourselves to express our true feelings to our partner and talk about our problems. Bonding between two individuals isn't an easy game, it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, patience and efforts of both individuals to connect and build a bond. Relationships are always a two-way road. Relationships are a necessary part of our life. We form relationships in order to live a peaceful life. Human beings are social animals and so they can't live in isolation. They require social interactions. We tend to share emotional feelings by developing relationships with people and these relationships help us to foster our well-being by supporting and comforting us.

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