Great Loss: The Demise of Prof. Avinash Kumar

Great Loss: The Demise of Prof. Avinash Kumar

Today, Professor Avinash Kumar, the Head of the Psychology Department at the University of Delhi, passed away from a heart attack. He had been heading the Department since April 2021. Professor Kumar completed his Ph.D. in 2008 and has been a part of Department of Psychology since 2007. 

Management, leadership and change, community psychology, people psychology, and organisational behaviour were amongst his expertise.Basics of industrial/organisational psychology, selecting training and assessment of mental health at work, leadership and change management, and community psychology were among the subjects he taught. 

Along with writing various other publications, he authored books including Handbook for Organizational Behaviour, Sports Psychology, Selection, Recruitment, Training, Skill India, Advance Social Psychology, Understanding Stress of Adolescents, and Introduction to Applied Psychology.

He has conducted extensive study on a variety of subjects, including women entrepreneurs, spiritual practises, narcissism, emotional intelligence, leadership, organisational citizenship behaviour, work-life balance, well-being, and corporate social responsibility. He had also participated in a number of conferences and been invited as guest lecturer at a number of universities.

He was also affiliated with the National Academy of Psychology, the Asian Association of Social Psychology, the Community Psychology Association of India, the Indian Association of Positive Psychology, and the India Career Development Association.

The university will forever revere and respect his commitment and efforts to make the department grow. His honourable contribution to the department will live on in the University's memory. His contributions were invaluable, and his work will always be highly regarded.

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