Getting anxious? Facing tough times? Get your hope back!

Getting anxious? Facing tough times? Get your hope back!

While no one ever said life would be easy, going through tough times might seem so impossible more because we are often just under prepared for how hard things can get and how to thrive through them.

Now is the time that threat of Corona Virus has meant either working from home or self-isolating, for most of us. The world seems like falling apart in the ways it has never been, be it the violence against certain races, abruptly changing International relations of the nation that costed warriors their lives on the national border to unexplained, loss of life caused by suicide, by people who deserved so much more. It is very evidently, quite an unsettling, uncertain change of environment, society and time; making us not only stressful but also making us feel lonely since we do not have an idea, as to how long this change is going to last.

If you are already near concluding, that you have just skimmed up to yet another piece of heavy existential information that will not help you with anything, instead it will just make you more able to judge, call out or at the least insult yourself with all the utopian tactics under the sky in a crisp 1 minute read.



While diving in the seas of hopelessness, this is the last thing we would want or need to hear, and hence we tend to seek a sliver array of hope to push past the phase of trying times and here is an attempt for the same. Getting through the uncertainties, can get a little smooth when we consciously work on relying on certain methods and specific strategies. though it might seem utopian in nature, know that it is NOT.

Below are a few Psychological strategies and methods, that one can rely on, and adopting them can surely be helpful in getting through the tough times of life.


Writing helps organise your thoughts, which make the experience less chaotic, offering an emotional release and an insight into yourself.

Do not worry about the language, grammar or artistry, it is just for you. Writing about disturbing experiences can be painful at the start but with some time it is only going to make you feel better. If it is too disturbing and painful for you, reach out to a therapist and carry it out under their assistance.


Write down the problems involved, list as many solutions as possible and then assess the list. Do not try to craft out the best solution or some state-of-the-art option to pave out a solution.

As research suggests it will only cater to depressing thoughts. Instead, accept reasonably good solutions. Break them into reasonable chunks, make a plan and set out to follow it, and if the first solution you try doesn’t pan out well?

Don’t get discouraged. Go for the next option on your list.


Imagination is a faculty that we as humans are blessed with but we might use it just as a source of creating trouble, to take us into situations that may actually never develop in real. POINT?

Ask yourself, how realistic your worries are, set aside sometime, focus on the good aspects of life and remind yourself to look at the tough times as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve your situation.


Sometimes seeking basic support can make a big difference in our ways of life.

  • Crying (it is okay to cry, it is never equalling to you being weak).
  • Asking (for a helping hand when you feel overextended).
  • Asking (for advice on things you do not know about).
  • Sharing your feelings and frustrations in order to release tension and stress.

Ask, Cry, Share with people you feel you can trust on. This will only help you move on in Life.

Consider seeking reliable professional help whenever you feel the sea of hopelessness is becoming denser for you to swim through alone.

In the end it will always register itself as a helping and uplifting experience, to accept that you might need help at some point in life and instead of losing hope in that moment, making a choice to ask for that help.


At the end of the day, all we need is hope and strength.

Hope that it will get better. And strength to hold on until it does.

As it might be stormy now but it never rains forever.


HANG IN THERE, with all the hope and burning strength.


We are all in this together.




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