First Multicultural Mental facility Inaugurated by Australia

First Multicultural Mental facility Inaugurated by Australia

As per reports of national study of mental health and well-being which was issued by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics in July 2022 revealed over two in five citizens aged 16-85 years or 8.6 million individuals had experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life.

An announcement was made by the Australian state of new south wales (NSW) , the inaugration of the country's first multicultural mental health phone line, which would deliver services in 30 different languages and serve numerous groups.

As stated by the state government, the programme is manned by registered multilingual mental health specialists who speak different languages as arabic, chinese and greek as per Xinhua. The Normative mental health line ( also known as the Transcultural mental health line ) which is available Monday through Friday is anticipated to increase access to mental health care and support for various types of groups .

Bronnie taylor , NSW minister for mental health stated that all NSW Citizens have access to a wide range of mental health services, languages and different cultural understandings of mental health can function as a barrier for people when seeking services. She also added , with a trained team of healthcare experts ready to give care and link individuals with the necessary agencies, this new phone line will help people receive the treatment they seek.

According to a nationwide assessment of mental health and wellness issued by the Australian bureau of statistics in July last year, more than one in every five Australians aged 16 to 85, or 8.6 million individuals had suffered a mental condition at some point in their lives.

Based on the survey, one in every five persons or 4,2 million people had a 12- month mental condition with anxiety being the most common. 

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