Few things to keep in mind as a parent, that you often ignore

Few things to keep in mind as a parent, that you often ignore


As a parent you're like a mirror to your child, they might not imitate exactly what you do, but the source of most of their actions or thoughts will be from you itself. So, whenever you're around your child, you need to keep in mind the kind of words you're using not just to them but with others too. You might use an inappropriate word for once but it's impact on your child can be longer than you'll expect.

For example, you might notice that when you use an abusive word in front of your child, they might ask you what it means and you'll never tell them, that makes them more curious about the meaning of the word and then they start using it to get the meaning. Never make any derogatory or discriminating comments in front of them, while talking to your friend or servant or anybody, because you must remember that they're learning from you and your one phrase can serve in making their entire perception of things around them.

Amount of information to share

You must maintain the amount of information you share with your child about basic to basic things. Never share too much or too less. You must keep this in your mind that they are not of your age and that they can grasp a certain amount of information only, they'll gradually understand things as they grow older, but do not expect them to understand everything now. Information about family disputes, or financial problems, or your work-related, are some of the arenas that they don't have to know in details.

For example, about finances, never tell them about your salary and that you can afford everything they touch. You might do it out of affection, but such information might make your child more stubborn about their demands and would never get it if you don't fulfill their requirements. But at the same time, you are not supposed to tell them about your financial grievances or that you won't be able to afford most of the things they would want. In such case, you just let them know that if they would want something that is good for them, you can afford it even if it takes some time, and that they must respect it.


Giving your child a separate room does not entirely stand for giving privacy. It even involves the way you interfere in their life and how often you do it. Constantly asking them about their relation with others or what they are doing inside their room, or trying to check their phone or laptop, can be very disturbing both for you and your child. Because, you don't want them to lie, but when you constantly raise such questions about their personal life there will come a point of time when they won't be able to be honest with you.

You must realize that there are few parts of their life where they don't require your influence, and you must respect it. As a parent, the most you can do is let them know from the beiginning, that you're there whenever they need. Make it obvious for them to not to worry while approaching you for anything.

Accepting changes

You might think that bringing up your child the way your parents have done to you is the most appropriate way. But you must know and accept it that people change, world evolves. Your child might not want what you wanted at their age. They'll often act different from you. You must understand these changes, and accept it as a part of your life. Their requirements or their perceptions about many things will be different, and it's not something to be sad about. Instead, explore with them. Try to know about new things, learn about it, and share it with your child. This way it will actually help in making your relation with your child much more healthy.

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