Female Foeticide - A Social Evil?

Female Foeticide - A Social Evil?

Our Indian culture has always believed in the male dominating society or patriarchy which can be seen from the history of our ancestors. There are certain societal issues which we come across every day. We see it in media, newspaper, most of the time we hear the news about Female foeticide. Female foeticide is done based on the chromosomal pattern of the amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus. With the chromosomal pattern, the sex of the foetus is determined and if found it’s a girl, people resort to abortion even today. With the procedure of amniocentesis, female foeticide is most often done. But now in Indian government has banned to determine the sex of the developing foetus and Medical Termination of Pregnancy was banned in the year 1971 under MTP Act. Abortion was permitted only under certain conditions when it would be fatal for either mother or the child or both. It can also be done during unwanted pregnancies due to rape cases, etc.

The psychological aspect of committing such crime has got different mentality about the status of girls. People think that having a girl child is a burden for parents because parents have to pay a ransom amount or jewelleries or furniture, etc. in the form of dowry. And if parents refrain from giving dowry then the female remains unmarried and the society starts taunting the girl for being left unmarried. If once the marriage is broken, people start judging the girls’ character though she might be innocent. The possibility of that girl being married is very less. Or if in case the girl already gets married then the grooms’ family start torturing the bride for dowry. There are more than thousands of cases where we come across the news about a bride committing suicide or the bride being burnt due to dowry, etc. This is the main reason why parents refrain from getting a girl child. Here the psychological thinking of parents resorting to such a crime is such that where they do not want to fight against the society just because the society frightens them with certain norms, where they cannot go against the rules framed by our society. The stereotypical thought process of the people need to change. Earlier days, there was absence of mental strength of women to fight against their husband or society. Today we find women working as doctor, pilot, astronauts, politics, higher officials in reputed offices, sports, education, etc. In every field women have proved to the world that even they can achieve huge success with lot of enthusiasm. Example: Kalpana chawla, Prathiba patil, Kiran majumdar,etc. Here, the psychological development of women can be pictured. Their strong determination, will power have led to their success and helped them reach the peak of success. The life history of few of all these great women has served as a role model and inspiration for many other women. These people have shown a pathway where even women can prove what that they can do everything. And these examples are evidences which can help people to change the thinking of girls are not a burden.

Survey shown that India killed 10 million girls in 20 years. It is sad and shameful, that it was found during the survey that in a state of Punjab 274 girls die every day before they are born. People must never forget that without a girl, a family is not complete. She is a friend, sister, wife, mother and daughter. So always we should remember that when one girl child is killed, there are so many roles played by her also dies along with her. We being the future citizens of our country must take the initiative of making people aware and resist them from committing such a crime of female foeticide. We must also make people aware of the rights and the incentives provided by the government for a girl child. These incentives are taken by the government to stop the crime of female foeticide. It is seen that there is drastic decrease in the girls population when compared to boys population. To overcome this issue government has built up certain strategies to provide the female child with benefits such as providing scholarships, bicycles, laptops and also certain amount. Even the issue of dowry has been tackled though not completely but up to certain extent by framing strict laws against it. Even foetal sex determination has been banned in hospitals and if caught strict laws are framed to punish them. As per the Indian constitution, boys and girls are given the equal rights. All these strategies would work only when we co-operate with the government and help them manifest all these laws. We should lodge complaints against the people who resort to such crime. We should take the help of the law to teach such people a proper lessons. A person alone cannot change the society. It should be a contribution by everyone in the society. We all should come together to work towards uplifting both the genders equally. Once people change their mindset, such crimes would eventually decrease.

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