Exam: test of ability or dreaded reality

Exam: test of ability or dreaded reality

Exams; a little too familiar words for students all over the place. For some its test of their abilities and for some it becomes the dreaded word. Only hearing about exams give many students goose bumps. Right now, it's the beginning of season of exams; February and March. It's the end of the school year and new classes will begin from April but before that students to go through one obstacle course called exams. Each and every students starts preparing themselves for exams, especially 10th standard and 12th standard students. Everyone ask them about their upcoming exams and what career they want to take. The exams become their life tests. Parents start raising expectations from their children and ultimately it becomes race to be first. The cut throat competition in universities add burden to students.

These expectations may cause student’s health to deteriorate, they experience fear, stomach issues, vomiting etc. Also, while writing exams students experience sweating palms, mind going blank, forgetting materials required for tests, unable to organize their thoughts. These things are very common, which causes negative impact on their performance as well as negative impact on self-esteem.

These exams are just the test of your abilities. In life, you’ll always face test like this. One sheet of paper cannot decide your future. Don't take exams as hindrances, instead take them as challenges. The challenges which will push one further and sharpen one's abilities. Success comes when one have knowledge about what they are studying. Don't be afraid of exams. In addition to this, one's health is also important. As said "health is wealth" If one is healthy, they can overcome any challenge given to them. Physical and mental health are both very important for students. Healthy mind and body will help you think positive. Thus, in this season of exams don't neglect your health.

• Take short breaks during your study hour and freshen up your mind.

• Sleep properly

• Eat healthy diet

• Don't let exams overwhelm you.

If things don't go according to your plans. Don't be disheartened. Answers are all around you. There is more to life than passing exams. The problems will go away one day. This is the season of exams for everyone from first grader to 12th grader. Wish everyone good luck in their future endeavour.

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