Eri, my forever buddy!!!

Eri, my forever buddy!!!

When I was little I was not allowed to keep pets. From time to time I used to bring stray dogs and cats at my home and my father used to scold me for this because I was not a good dog caretaker. After oodles of struggles and fights I finally have a pet, well more like a family member. Eri my dog, a female Labrador without whom I cannot imagine my life now. I found her in 2014 and I still remember the time when she was just a month old pup, her barks and little pink paws and how can I forget how she used to get up at night when I used to cook Maggie. She is six and a half year old now, but for me she is still a cute little pup.

I believe when you get a pet, you learn a lot about their behavior and yes they understand everything, from scoldings to our gestures and emotions.

Now it’s been more than a year than I am away from her. I miss those midnight walks with her and all those random silly yet cute things about her.  Whenever I go back home, she is the first one to welcome me with those heartfelt eyes and lovely cheerful face. I see her jumping all over me when I visit to see her and this is what I define love.

- Radhika Joshi

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