Drunk or Stoned- Who is more in danger

Drunk or Stoned- Who is more in danger

Life of nowadays is so fast that we even don't know when we left essential things behind, and those essential things are health, peace, reality, and many more.

Accepting modernization and a new kind of lifestyle is something we all should do, as we know 'change is the only constant' but accepting something which is injurious to you is not a wise decision.


Most of us will, then what is the reason behind the society which is converting into the place where intoxications are the epitome of enjoyment or requisite for relaxation.

We all can justify this by our point of view and experiences but can we get the actual reason behind it?

Maybe, let's find out the answers to some common questions regarding drunk people and stoned people.

-Acceptance and Availability

Alcohol, we all are so much familiar with this beverage, in the corporate sector, social gatherings, family functions everywhere we can find it easily and we have already set some parameters to drink it but barely anyone is following those parameters, and originally nobody wants to get drunk or consume a lot of alcohol it all starts with 'just a drink' but never ends on a drink.

Unlike alcohol, drugs are not easily accepted by society, Just a particular sector which are youth are so much comfortable with drugs and like to take it in parties and get-togethers. Despite being illegal in many countries these drugs are available so easily.


-Reasons behind it

Many reasons could be behind it:-

Low self-esteem- We have seen many cases where a shy person becomes so confident after a few drinks or a joint and this is the reason a person with low self-esteem prefers to take alcohol or drugs frequently.

Family or Friends- If someone's family or close friends like to consume alcohol or drugs then the chances are more for a person to be habitual of these.

Impulsiveness- If someone doesn't have the habit of considering the consequences of anything that means a person who 'loves to live in present' then that person can become an alcoholic or drug addict so easily.

Out of curiosity- As these things are so much discussed in our surrounding many people try it out of curiosity, just for the sake of experiment.

For Relaxation- It is one of the most common reason, people believe that taking alcohol or drugs make their mind relax and stable.


-The mental effect of it

We all are aware of this fact that alcohol and drugs affect so negatively to

our body and we usually take treatments for it but are we aware of

something even more dangerous that is the mental condition of an

alcoholic or a drug addict.

Depression- This is the most common result of alcohol or drug consumption, a person even doesn't realize when he started living a sad and depressive life without these intoxicates.

Parasuicide- It is a condition of continuous suicidal thoughts and even suicidal attempts. It is been said that the risk of suicide is eight times greater when someone is abusing alcohol or drugs. The continuous attempts of suicide cause death in many cases.

Stress and Anxiety- In today's society everyone is at some stage of life experiencing this stress and anxiety problems and alcohol and drugs are increasing this. It even made some serious psychiatric illness even worse like Post-Traumatic Stress (a reaction occurring after experiencing a highly stressed event), as we know using alcohol and drugs distract one from the problems for a short period time but it will make harder for a person to cope with stress and anxiety.

Psychosis- It is a mental disorder that disconnects a person from reality, in this a person starts hallucinating some words, events, persons, and situations. Alcohol and drugs are the main cause of this mental disorder.


-Which is worst (Alcohol or Drug)?

The answer to this question is as complicated as a maze. Both are highly addictive, dangerous, and mind-altering. A most common thing which differs is legal status and social acceptability, as we already discussed that alcohol is accepted but drugs are not but this doesn't make alcohol less dangerous than drugs. Yes, the major difference in both the intoxicates is 'time duration to develop the addiction' drug addiction takes less time than alcohol addiction.

-Is there any solution?

No one time- Most of the time these things start with the thought of 'just try' or 'one time' but it never ends on this 'one time'.

It is not relaxing you- Most of us have this misconception that alcohol or drug making them relax or giving them a good sleep but a big NO to this.

Contact rehabilitation- If anyone from your family or friends suffering from addiction, help them.

Whether it's Alcohol or Drugs or anything else, intoxication is injurious for your physical and mental health. Find the solution to your problem does not escape from it.

Ask questions if you have in the comments box.

Be Responsible, Be Healthy

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