Do You Want To Combat The Problems In Life?

Do You Want To Combat The Problems In Life?

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~ Charlie Chaplin

How many of you believe in it? 

How many of you follow it?

How many of you make rooms for laughter?

How many of you think you need a good laugh right now?

And if so, then when did you last laugh?

Did you laugh today?

Why the lines in bold are so essential to follow? It's just laughter. Isn't it? Why is it given so much importance in one's life? Have you ever given a thought to that? The answer is quite simple.  Laughter is like a magic spell. When you genuinely laugh your heart out, it not only brings about a change to your inner world but creates an immense impact on your outside world too. Yes, it is all-powerful sword that can battle against the odds of life. You don't believe in it? Have you noticed the children in the park or your home? Children laugh more than adults tend to in a whole day. Researches have come up with the findings that children laugh close to 300 times a day. As you grow old, you almost forget to laugh sometimes. Maybe you take the job of growing up as an adult too seriously. Children are more carefree than adults who stress their lives by over-thinking about their problems. They feel that it can resolve their issues. But more than solving, it increases their problems. Laughter is an art of happiness. How beautiful it looks when you see people around you are happy, giggling, and laughing their hearts out.

As rightly quoted by Thomas Paine - "The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." Isn't it amazing if a man would worry less and merely smile in distress? It is a beautiful world we can then make out of our miseries and sorrows. When laughter can be the best medicine and provided for free, then why cry and pay for the very precious tears that we shed? The failures of today can be the success of tomorrow, or the miseries of today can be the joy of tomorrow. A warning sign is do not take laughter too lightly. Laughter has astounding health benefits. That is why it perhaps works as the best medicine and prescribed by all for ages.

Reason and the benefits of why a person needs to laugh more and more. Let's explore in detail one by one:

Laughter can Boost your Immune System: It is vital for human beings to stay happy and positive in life even though there can be many occurrences cropping up and negative matters in one’s life that can be the reason for stress. Stress can weaken your immune system and resistance power. Often people fall prey to unhealthy behaviors and adopt bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drug addiction to combat stress. On the flip side, laughing can help in uplifting one's immune system. Laughter can decrease the level of stress hormones, i.e, cortisol. It helps you to ease and relax when the cortisol is released a lot due to the stress factors. And it also helps build up your resistance power to fight with diseases. It helps in increasing immune or T cells and infection-fighting antibodies. It can also trigger the hormone Endorphins. The Endorphins hormone is said to reduce pain and increase the pleasure and happiness in the opioids of the brain's hormonal system.

Laughter can burn calories: Yes, you heard it right. Laughter helps you in burning calories. You must be wondering how? So the researchers have found out that 15 minutes of laugh can almost burn 10 to 40 calories. Isn't that awesome? Now, people with weight issues need not worry and feel sad. Just laugh out loud and burn as many calories as you can. The people who are too lazy to hit the gym can try this new laughing exercise as it will help you in shedding that extra fat that you were planning for so long.

Laughter improves your sleep:As laughing can help one in releasing one’s stress, it can also improve your health.  It helps you relax and calm down and improves your sleep quality. The laughter therapy acts as a medicine in depression and people having insomnia. Laughter helps in setting the mood and makes you relax and helps improve your sleep.

Laughter elevates the quality of life:The most complex of all is the human brain. It has several imaginations in a day. In a day, your mind can almost generate 70000 thoughts, and most of it is negative thoughts. So, you can figure out the amount of negativity it absorbs. The prime responsibility of yours will be to feed your brain with positive thoughts. Your body and as well as the mind should attract all those positive energies that help you in constructing a quality life for yourself. Aside from physical health, there is a dire requirement of the uplifting of mental and spiritual health as well. And laughter is one of the best therapies that can help you do so. The more you laugh, the more positive approach you will have towards your life. And by this, your social life will also improve. Hence it will help you promote a better quality of life. It helps us to keep your relationships better, strengthens the bonds between people who play a vital role in your family. It also assists you to stay from the constant conflicts and issues that can mess up your connections with your loved ones.

Laughter helps you to soothe your mind: One thing you will agree that when your heart is full of joy, your perspective towards looking at things changes. The whole world around you seems nice and beautiful. On the contrary, if you are not happy, then you see the same beautiful world full of sorrows. So, it clearly states your emotional state of mind decides and helps you to view things. Often these are the effects of the choices you make in your life. And these choices are influenced by the unconscious mind. You may have noticed stress, worry, or too much anxiety being the result of various situations, and often those are not under your control. Nobody likes or enjoys the process of worrying too much or be happy about that fact. Laughing makes us happier. And laughter acts like a medicine that cures diseases. Just like meditation and mindfulness, it acts as a therapy to calm down your mind.  Meditation helps us to create awareness for the mind. It says that when people are happy, they are aware of themselves. And happiness comes when you laugh and smile and practice being humorous in life. 

How can you welcome laughter in your life?

"Keep your sense of humor, my friend; if you don't have a sense of humor, it just isn't funny anymore." ~ Wavy Gravy. Wavy Gravy is an American entertainer and peace activist who has rightly quoted these words for laughter. It is so true with life. The most sincere try a human can attain to add laughter in one's daily routine is to bring some colors in life.


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