Crime Against Women: If You Want Humanity To Rise, Let Her Fly!

Crime Against Women: If You Want Humanity To Rise, Let Her Fly!

“Violence against women is an appalling Human Right Violation. But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this”.

                                                  - Nicole Kidman

Domestic Violence :-

The term Domestic Violence is a kind of behaviour involving physical force or power intended to hurt, damage or kill someone in a domestic setting.

Generally people think of domestic violence as physical assault or torture that results in visible injuries to the victims. Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse in fact it is much more than that. It often involves - Verbal abuse, Emotional/Psychological abuse, Sexual abuse, Financial abuse etc.

Every 3rd women, since the age of 15, has faced domestic violence of various forms in the country as per the reports released by the Union Health Minister based on the National Family Health Survey(NHFS-4).

Under the Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) 2005, the women can seek help in case of Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Verbal or Emotional abuse and Economic abuse.

“Domestic Violence can be easy for people to ignore, as it often happens without any witnesses and it is sometimes difficult to restrain oneself from not getting involved. Yet, by publicly speaking out against Domestic Violence, together we can challenge this attitude of violence in home. Wee can together show that Domestic Violence is a crime and not merely acceptable.”

- Honor Blackman

From the above Quote it is very much clear that we can eradicate such shameful and inhumane act only when we change our attitude towards it. The victim should be aware of her rights whether Social or Legal.

In our Society males are at highest pedestal whereas females are considered as second gender. According to some Traditional Beliefs women are not considered equal to men and should be kept under control. People with such rigid thinking tend to control and abuse in relationships. Not only lack of proper education but also the faulty upbringing where men are taught to dominate can also be the cause of such type of coercive behaviour. The person who has witnessed Domestic Violence in childhood may develop a belief that it is a reasonable way to resolve conflicts. The females who are brought up in a family with domestic violence are more likely to be victimized by their husbands.

Domestic Violence not only affects the victims but also the person who witnesses it. It has much deeper than mere immediate impact caused. It has catastrophic impacts upon the person who witnesses it particularly children. Children who live with and are aware of violence in home face many challenges and risks that can last throughout their lives.

They are much likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, flashbacks when exposed to stimuli that relates to trauma. They may develop physical challenges like tummy aches, bed wetting, eating disorders, sleep difficulties etc.

Why do people stay in an Abusive Relationship?

It is not that easy to leave when you are trapped in an abusive home or environment where you feel completely hopeless and lost. Abused person finds it difficult to leave an abusive relationship in spite of the fact they have so many reasons to leave. The victim continues to carry on such relationships because of various factors:-

  • Constant fear of being threatened by the abuser and their families.
  • Fear of society and social stigma related to it: what will the people say is among the major reason for women to stay in an abusive relationship.
  • Deep rooted faulty cultural and religious beliefs which teaches women from the beginning that it’s their fate and they are meant to be dominated, so, they have to bear with it.
  • Lack of education, independence and poor awareness.
  • Lack of economic support and financial dependence.
  • Low self-esteem and confidence to face the outcomes.
  • Lack of decision making and will power.

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