Combat Mental Health Stigma

Combat Mental Health Stigma

It is an immense pleasure to inform you that Psychologs Magazine is organizing an event, “COMBAT MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA” on this Independence Day, on 10th and 11th August 2021. The event aims to educate psychology enthusiasts and ignite the minds of those interested in gaining knowledge about themes and stigma related to mental health and mental illness.  


About Psychologs Magazine:

Psychologs is India’s First Magazine based on Psychology and Mental Health. It is an initiative and effort towards reaching out to people, educating them about the importance of mental health, various issues related to mental health, and how it can be improved. 

The Magazine comes under print media and has with RNI Delhi. Monthly issues of the magazine cover diverse topics including coping with mental health issues, recent news & research in Mental Health and, important advice/self-help techniques by expert professionals like; Professors, Psychiatrist, Clinical/Rehabilitation/Social/Industrial Psychologists, Special Educators, Counsellors, and other Mental Health Professionals. 


The Readership for the print version of Psychologs Magazine exceeds 40,000+. The digital reach of the magazine is beyond its physical availability, more than 3.5 lakh people follow us, and more than 10 lakh people come across our social media sites and get its benefits digitally. 

Psychologs Magazine is associated with many Mental Health Professionals working in the field towards the betterment of -society. 

Psychologs Magazine has also conducted online events in the past, a grand event titled “International Mental Health Fair 2021”, in which speakers were invited from different countries around the globe to come up together in support of mental health awareness through the mega-event. Keeping the situation of the pandemic in mind the event took place on a virtual platform from 15th March 2021 to 25th March 2021.

The major objective of the event was to help and educate people regarding Mental Health, Self-Care, Developmental Issues, etc.

Psychologs Magazine is associated with many Mental Health professionals working in the field towards the betterment of society. There are some reputed professionals in the Editorial Board for Psychologs. 

Editor in Chief:  Arvind Otta, Founder of Utsaah Psychological Services


Chief Editorial Advisor:

Gopa Bhardwaj (Former HOD and Dean of Social Science, Delhi University), 

C.R. Mukundan (Former HOD, NIMHANS), 


Editorial AdvisorJai Prakash (HOD Clinical Psychology, RINPAS)

Associate Editor: Virendra Pratap Yadav (HOD Psychology Department, SPM College, Delhi University)


About the Event: 

With the 21st century, India marked changes in all sectors of life, the coming of globalization and westernization changed not only the industrial sector but also the quality of life of people. But even with changes in all sectors of life, something that over time has not changed are the stereotypes and stigmas attached to mental health. In India even today Mental Health is looked down on as a taboo, as something to be not talked about openly. One’s mental health conditions are viewed as “phases” that will soon pass.

 In lieu of these stereotypes, Psychologs Magazine is holding an event titled “Combat Mental Health Stigma”, on this Independence Day with the aim to free ourselves from mental health stigma. The event will include insightful sessions and panel discussions by speakers from across India on various topics covering wide areas of psychology. Considering the current situation, the event will be held on an online platform on 10th August 2021 and 11th August 2021. 

 The major objective of this event is to help, spread awareness and educate people regarding mental health, mental health stigmas, how important it is to talk about one’s mental health conditions and freeing oneself from these stigmas. 


Event Highlights:

  • Panel discussions on freedom from mental health stigmas.
  • Workshops on different areas of psychology 
  • Q/A Sessions
  • Quizzes
  • Performance Extravaganza 


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