Co-vid19 – The Fears and shame:

Co-vid19 – The Fears and shame:

Our generation is seeing such times for the first-ever time. It is almost warlike times where we are in a state of Lockdown and have come across words like Quarantine, Isolation and Social Distancing. And all due to a small invisible Virus that has been creating havoc across the globe.              

We all have a list of precautions to follow which includes taking good care of our immunities, staying in isolation as much as possible, and keeping a close watch on our health and taking immediate medical action if needed. We all are nursing so much Fear of What if it’s me? What if I get it? And sadly the fear is not because of the virus and our health getting spoilt. It is the fear of being the contracted one in the eyes of society.

Very recently in our area, we had a person who got tested positive and since then almost everyone looked at that society, the people, and everyone connected to them as though they were criminals. It is so unfair and sad to see humans responding to fellow humans like that. The Shame that family was going through is unfathomable, where they are being treated as untouchables. In times like these we have to be careful yes, but is it ok to be so un-empathetic towards the families and people who have contracted Coronavirus.  

This fear and shame can make people not confront the disease and can make them act irresponsibly. We as a society can be a reason for people not taking timely steps and trust me, we don’t want to be responsible for that, cause then not only them, everyone around them is in danger too.   

So here is a plea to my fellow citizens. Please encourage people to take timely action, be kind, express warmth and let them know it is alright and it will be over soon. Keep in touch with them on the phone, through messages, and let them know you are still their friend and they don’t get outcast just because a disease happens to them. And above all be empathetic and try and imagine their pain, it really is not easy being there. So lend your support in every way you can and let's prove that the heart inside this body beats and is fully human.

Stay humble and treat people with love.             

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