Can A Proper Diet Be Followed During Depression?

Can A Proper Diet Be Followed During Depression?

Can A Proper Diet Be Followed During Depression?

It is well known that Depression will lead to deprivation of food. But at the same time, a Proper diet is essential in regulating your mood and depression. This article tells you how can we take a proper diet during depressive episodes.

Depression is considered to be a common mental illness. According to World Health Organization, Depression is rated as the dominant cause of disease burden in rich countries. Naturally, the feeling of mood is unique to every person and mood can fluctuate. Depression depends on various factors such as internal factors and external factors. Particularly, internal factors include hormonal imbalance, heredity, neurotransmitters, and nutrition availability. Recent research has concentrated on risk components that are involved in mood regulation. The new emerging trend of “nutritional psychiatry” shows major interest which identifying the role of nutrients in mental health.

Research has found that when our mood is not well, people either eat a lot or less. So maintaining a proper diet is essential for good health. If the person is being fuelled by a well-balanced diet, Both physical and mental health will be maintained.

Which begins first? Depression or poor diet?

Thankfully, research has addressed this question. Depression can lead to the uptaking of an imbalanced diet. At the same time, a poor diet can also initiate depressive symptoms and Research has found that a healthy diet has been associated with a lower risk of depression.

Here are a few strategies that can help you to overcome and retain nutrients in your body during depression.

Pick up good groceries- It is important to select a healthier diet while you go to the grocery shop since it helps you to take proper food while taking up fruits, vegetables, milk, and fresh juices would help you

Prefer group dining - Always prefer to eat with your family or friends that provide guidance and support for eating. It is research evidence that having meals with loved ones can elevate our mood and helps to prevent depression as we make conversation, share memories, and laugh.

Make list for hard times- It would have been better if you make a list of food that can be easily prepared and takes less energy to digest as depression wipe out our energy.

Practice regular food times – Try to follow the scheduled pattern of taking food. That means trying to eat food at the same time every day.

Store balanced food  – Avoid storing unhealthy foods that can contribute to skewed mental health. Try to fill your pantry and refrigerator with nutritious food like vegetables, fruit soups, etc.



Food takes a major part in our lives. Hence, It should be important to have a balanced diet to prevent health risks, particularly during depressive episodes. So

“Let’s be concerned about eating;

Let’s live a healthy life”

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