Are you a procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator?

Many of us know what we exactly want in life. But how many of us work sincerely towards our dreams? The main reason for our failure is our laid back attitude. We have developed a habit of delaying our work. And this act of putting our priorities aside and choosing unnecessary things at that point is known as procrastination. 

Procrastination is a kind of blockage coming in our way of achieving our goals and getting success. We have to make our life action-based and make use of our knowledge that we have within us. When we choose pleasure over hard work, we need to be careful about the choices we make. The short term payoffs can overpower our long term gains. Maybe you are serious about your career and life, but unless you put your efforts into it, your determination will not pay anything in return. Mostly when people fail to handle their emotions, they lose track of their real goals in life. And that is where our emotional brain vanquishes our logical brain. The root cause of why a person procrastinates is his low self-esteem. To be more precise, when the disappointing factor is more, then people tend to procrastinate. The other reason can be that they are too particular about doing the tasks. That attitude can also delay in search of looking for things to be too accurate. And this might drop their whole energy of getting things done. Another cause can be that you are creative, but you have a hoping brain that you can't stick to one idea. It makes you delay in producing constructive work and brings procrastination in your life. The need for proper goal setting is essential in life when you know what exactly you want.

#Benefits of eradicating procrastination :

Are you still waiting for incredible things to happen in your life? When you shut the doors for procrastination, then several fantastic things open up in your life. Once you flush the habit of procrastinating things, you can see your life taking a great turn and thus can enjoy higher benefits out of it. Everyone should have a structured life to achieve their goals and ambition and know-how to manage procrastination. So let's take a quick plunge into what benefits it provides :

#1. You double your achievements: When you chuck out the procrastination and make it history, you will notice that your innumerable dreams are getting fulfilled. Achieving success is all about habit. If you develop good practice, you will get the utmost benefit from life. Thus, you can see your performance redouble and will lead you to your unfulfilled dreams. Your prolonged success becomes the immediate one.

#2. Doors of opportunities open up: As always said, the more you dive into chances, the more beneficial you become. People those who know how to grab opportunities are the one who becomes successful most of the time. Therefore when one eliminates the habit of procrastination, one stops making plans to take action but rather quickly acts on it.

#3. You have a greater conviction: When you get the benefits and more results come to you, the confidence within you escalates. And when that starts to occur, then you will find anything and everything to be achievable.

#4. It increases your creativity: When you do your tasks regularly, you gain a lot more imagination. Being consistent is the key to success. Successful people never postpone their work or be lazy to take up any challenge or project. The more you give up things, the lazy you become, and hence at one point, you eventually lose interest in that work, and your efficiency towards that thing drops. 

#5. The amount of regret will be less: One of the worst feelings is to regret. Many of us won't like the idea that our life came to an end with a sense of regret. So if you don't want to have that remorse feeling, then make the best use of all possibilities that come your way by eradicating procrastination, and the chances of regret will vanish.

#Conclusion : 

"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." ~ Victor Kiam

If you want to be a unique and constructive person, then don't procrastinate on things that can create opportunities for you. Procrastination is the biggest killer of all possibilities. It is necessary to have the proper knowledge and the reason for your procrastination. Once you figure it out, it is easy for you to make a smart choice and have self-realization of yourself, and also you can have a strong connection with your mind. When you learn the art of managing your time well, you can have a productive and fulfilled life that you have ever imagined for yourself. Therefore to achieve the goals, we need to ignore all the disturbances that affect our concentration. For better attention, you need to follow a simple formula, and that is to avoid distractions from life. And build a routine for yourself so that it allows you to suffer less from future anxieties. Break your tasks into smaller chunks and work towards them every day, so it becomes easy for you to achieve those objectives. And amid all these, it is necessary to take breaks and keep yourself refreshed to take up more challenges without getting exhausted. And don't overpressurize yourself if things are not going your way. So you may feel ambiguity, even though you have learned all the benefits of procrastination, but you have to be patient enough to understand success is not an overnight journey. It takes time, but you need to enjoy the bonuses that will come along time even though if you miss the reward of the anticipated outcomes. Realize that this too shall pass but never forget the big picture of your life. You only have to make yourself sustained in combating procrastination, and the rest of things will follow accordingly. So how many of you are ready to drop your old habits of delaying responsibilities and take charge of not to procrastinate any further?



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