APA Prize for interdisciplinary team research

APA Prize for interdisciplinary team research

Interdisciplinary team research that includes one or more psychological scientists in major roles has produced significant scientific work that will be given prize. APA (American Psychological Association) has selected this prize for the team of interdisciplinary research to help support its continued research as interdisciplinary research are becoming prominent across all areas of science. The APA Prize for Interdisciplinary Team Research is the first honor designed specifically for interdisciplinary teams that include psychological scientists.

ELIGIBILITY: Applications for the prize should identify the core members of the research team. Core members are those individuals who contribute key areas of expertise and play major roles in planning and overseeing the team’s research. In general, core members are established investigators who have completed their doctoral and postdoctoral training. Core members do not need to be at the same institution. Their institutions may be located in any country.

HOW TO APPLY: Visit the advertisement.


LAST DATE TO APPLY: May 1, 2020.


FOR FURTHER DETAILS, VISIT: https://www.apa.org/about/awards/interdisciplinary-research?tab=1

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