Allen : A brave boy

Allen : A brave boy

From a cute pink nose to a brown one, from the mischievous running games to the slow walks, from a little possessiveness to over possessiveness. This beautiful long journey of 12 years can’t be described in a few words. The person I am today is all because of this beautiful soul who stayed beside me in all times. A shoulder to cry on, beautiful hugs to give to, random walks to go on with and most importantly my fashion model on whom I can experiment my accessories on. He has stood beside me in my toughest times “THE ENTERTAINING TUITIONS” and “THE STUDIES“. A few years ago, this doggo (Allen) ran away to someone else’s house, wherein I had goosebumps for 2 days while he was having “aloo paranthas” there. People say that dogs make your life beautiful but this gave me one.

A happy day turned into a black one, on 12th march 2012 after my last exam of 4th grade, I went out on a stroll with Allen and during the stroll my neighbours ferocious Rottweiler caught hold of me and attacked me in a manner that no one could save me. As witnessed by everybody, Allen rescued and saved me by being “A FACE OF SAVIOUR” for me that day.

While I was a baby when he came into my life, now it’s him who’s one. He shows his tantrums to me like a baby , tantrums to sleep on bed along but also governing with his watery eyes to switch off the A/c when feeling cold , tantrums not to eat when I’m away and there are times when I have to specially video call to convince him to take his food “.

Allen has grown up into a 12 year old boy, every morning while leaving for college, he comes out to the gate to see me off, it is that moment when my heart stops with a fear of losing him anytime. It’s then when I give him the “hardest kiss” and hope that by evening it doesn’t turn out to be the “last one”.

-Vanshika kapoor

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