What Relation Does Humans And Animals Share?

What Relation Does Humans And Animals Share?

Just like humans, there are other creatures that live on the planet earth. Not all of them come in contact with humans but still they do exist and yes they are animals. Animals and humans have a relationship that can be defined in various ways. If we think about this relationship that humans and animals share, it can be evident that humans depend on animals in a dominant manner for various resources. There is a mutual relationship but it is often not acknowledged. Humans have their ways of experiencing and expressing pain, at the same time animals too have their ways of giving expression to what they feel. Not each and everyone have the skill or the ability to understand what an animal is trying to say through their behavior. What we humans have is sensibility and knowledge about things that we know can cause physical as well as psychological pain to animals, yet our choices can ignore these 2 important aspects. There have been a history of harming animals in a diverse way. Why humans are lacking this emotion? Or what are the aspects which they are not being able to comprehend? What can be the possibilities behind these acts of harming animals? There can be many questions that can be raised for it, but can we answer those questions by thinking about these aspects in an empathetic manner?

What is animal abuse and what aspects are covered in it? It is understood that there can be various reasons behind it. A wide variety of behaviors come under cruelty against animals. In layman’s language, it can be understood as causing pain that can be physical as well as psychological in nature to animals. Exploiting them in different ways to meet selfish individual needs. Neglect in an extreme form can be counted as an abuse as it can cause pain and can even be a reason for the death of an animal. Abuse can go beyond that and it has been taking place at a massive scale. When it is about testing products, exploiting them in farming and so on are also involved in it. At the same time it can be as basic as hurting an animal, not being responsible towards them, neglecting them to diseases and by not providing them shelter. These actions of human have been significantly harming animals. In first place, what makes us do these things on other living being? It can be frustration, anger, neglect, or any type of difficulties faced by people where the balance is not there and they themselves have been facing a consequence of something. Is this justifiable to displace it on animals? Even if it is, then satisfaction derived from it can never be long lasting. Many psychologists have stated that abusing animals can be a sign of a developing psychological disorder, also if that is showcased during the developmental years then it can be considered as a warning sign. We displace it on animals, but we never thought about their pain. Alarmingly, one might think that what will happen if someone will harm animals, what is wrong in that?  Do they know that it can create a chain of violence as the person starts with harming innocent animal and the later he can build a tendency to harm humans as well? Apart from this, testing products made for humans is another big contributor in this area. Still it is continuing. At the same time few fashion friendly brands have not stepped back from removing skin of animals for their products and the procedure is painful as they are conscious and breathing. There are more acts by humans lacking humanity. This directly points towards a question that why is it always about us? Why in such situations we act like it is fine to do so? There are some things like consciousness, intelligence, love, emotions, fears, and so on. We assume that these are some exclusive abilities of humans. On the other hand, nerves of a fish, or a dog or a person, all are basically the same. It’s their organizations that matters. We can see brains but we cannot see minds, but one can see a mind working through the actions and behaviors. Animals are aware what is going on and at the same time they have the ability to make sense about people who are there to hurt them or love them. They have a similar reaction as we do towards lot of situations. Animals feel relaxed when there is no threat and they feel alarmed when there is a threat. Humans also have similar reactions, yet they fail to identify their basic needs. It could be possible that there is a lack of empathy, sympathy and compassion in humans when it comes to animals. As much as humans can feel grief, they cause it to other species as well. It can be complex to think about it but it is important and requires our attention. Human beings have endless needs and they do brutal things to meet those needs, not thinking about the harm they might be causing to others. The dominance and intelligence can be differentiating both the species. It is important to understand the basic of seeing them as living and breathing organisms. Why can’t we recognize the ways in which animals have helped us providing their resources? There is no big deal in that, but one just has to recognize to do it.

Most important thing here is to think about how it can be stopped? There is no specific solution for that because sadly, some people will continue to do it no matter what. However, there are ways to help. One can be sensitive towards the fact that animals also feel physical as well as psychological pain, just because they cannot express it verbally does not mean that they do not go through it and face trauma. It is not possible to look after everything and everyone but at least we can take little steps to bring a change. It can be something as little as providing animals with food and water or for that matter one can be vigilant and report instances of animal abuse. It is very important to make kids aware of it, so that they learn it. As more people are taking initiatives, the least we can do is support those initiatives and then it might bring a change in the way we see and think about animals. It is not at all difficult, because it is our lack of control and less empathy that is reflecting through our behavior.

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  • Animal abuse is not at all acceptable. Great article 👍

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