Cell Phone Detox: Essential?

Cell Phone Detox: Essential?

Almost everyone wakes up by checking the cell phone screen in the morning and also goes to sleep by doing the same. Such is the case that the real world seems far, and the digital world seems near to us, and the usage of digital platforms is on the rise. With the fast-changing world where everything is needed instantly, the need is essential. People are getting hooked onto the small device so fast that they love spending their lot of time on it. The little screen of our cell phone is acting as a drug in our minds. This small device has made our lives way easy than we could have ever imagined. We are just a phone call or a click away from everything. We can connect people to even to different parts of the world without much fuss. Now that people are so attached to the device that they can barely focus on other things around them. With the advancement of smartphones, the number of users has also increased than usual. There is an astonishing term used for smartphone users, and that particular term is called nomophobia. It means that it is a psychological condition when people fear detachment from their mobile phones. It is high time to make yourself realize that it is not the real world. When too much use of social media takes a lot in your life, and that directly affects your mental health, it is time to keep a check.

Signs that indicate that you need a detox :

1. More than actualization, when you spend your majority of time on smartphones, you get anxious when you cannot do any particular task.

2. You forget to keep track of time and spend numerous hours on your cell phones.

3. You also require a detox when social media sites overpower your happiness and peace of mind.

4. When the food on the table becomes less significant than the device you hold on to.

5. Every single time when your cell phone beeps or buzzes, you have a strong urge to check out.

How can cell phones impact your life?

No wonder cell phones act as the deadliest boons to society. It helps you in communication with your near and dear. But everything in life has its pros and cons. Nothing comes free of cost, and nor does the cell phone and the consequences of its use. If you think your troubles have resolved, then it is not. Let's take a look at the hits.

Disruptive Sleep: The best way to avoid sleep loss is to keep your electronic gadgets far away from you. Sleep is essential for all age groups of people. You feel more productive and energetic for the whole day when you have a good sleep at night. Many of us sleep with our cell phones as we don't want to miss any calls or text. The latest example is that of the Instagram fever that is making us awake till late at night when we don't get proper sleep.  The blue light which comes from these electronic gadgets is not that good for our brain as it makes our mind think that it is daytime. And if we look into it, it not only affects our brain but also makes our eyesight weak by the constant strain that it exerts on our eyes. Thus, in the long run, it can damage our eyes.


Increase in anxiety and stress: Your digital addictiveness shows how much stress-prone you are. It lessens your productivity and makes you worried more about others whereabouts. You might have noticed that whenever your cell phones are near to you, it makes your eyes glued to the tiny device for the entire time. And when the phone buzzes, you remain distracted which affects our mental well-being, causing stress, anxiety, and depression. It leads to an increase in more mental health problems. There has been no direct relationship between the use of cell phones and having a mental disorder. But yes, as it hurts your sleep, you may feel irritated, and this can lead to anxiety and stress. Activeness on social media can take a toll on our lives and can lead you to a state of depression.

Price on relationships: It can be a real challenge to relationships due to the increasing cell phone usage. The maximum time it happens so that the cell phones get more attention than with their significant other. And not only on relationships, but it can take a hit on friendships too. More than meeting in person with our friends, we prefer to talk over phone calls or keep in touch with our friends over social media. We are hardly nowadays aware of people's lives unless it is on Facebook or Instagram.  

Online validations play a crucial role: Things have become online now. People are waiting to get approvals from social media platforms. Likes, shares, and comments decide the self-worth of people. The more popular you are on social media, the more likable you become. Such is a thing to wonder how people's lives have drastically changed over the years with the increased usage of gadgets. Sometimes it gives a thought to whether cell phones are a boon to people or a curse.

Conclusions : 

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand our well-being and to understand that it has indeed become a need of the hour to break up with our cell phones. It doesn't mean you will not use it at all, and it merely means you need to decrease the usage of your mental welfare. Many plans for a digital detox but fail to do so. But you must focus more on the success of keeping it intact. Keep yourself motivated and be optimistic about the steps taken towards a digital detox. You must have proper knowledge and understanding of why is it needed and what are the benefits you will derive from it.  It must not arise out of general curiosity but should be done with proper enthusiasm. It must be done with thorough knowledge of the facts as to what is the impact it is creating on your life. If done so, then you can hold it tenaciously, or else it will break within a day or so. That day, the plans will fail. To make it a success, you must be willing to do it sincerely. Once you set yourself free from the clutches of digital devices, you will feel calmer and composed than ever. Hence with this comes many benefits like you will feel more connected with others, and your inner peace will prevail, and you will longer hold onto the fear of missing out on something from life. So choose what you want. A digital refreshment as your source of life, or a life that comes naturally to you?

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