5 school students died by suicide in the last 15 days, Tamil Nādu

5 school students died by suicide in the last 15 days, Tamil Nādu

5 school students died by suicide in the last 15 days, Tamil Nādu

As a result of high public exposure of the Kallakurichi case, the suicide cases allegedly increased in a month and experts called this a copycat effect. Tamil Nadu is going through a crisis facing 5 suicides of teens in one month. In response to this crisis, Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin stated that the educational institutes should consider their student's well-being, and should be service-oriented not should be business.

"Students don't attend college just to earn degrees. Educators must instill in their boldness, confidence, and tenacity. Girls, in particular, must valiantly confront difficulties, taunts, and challenges as students. According to a PTI article, I want Tamil Nadu kids (boys and girls) to develop into physically and mentally robust individuals in addition to being intellectually smart. If female students are experiencing physical, mental, or sexual abuse, the government will not keep silent and will respond decisively, Stalin stressed.


  • An 18-year-old student committed himself on July 6 in Krishnagiri district, purportedly as a result of finding the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) challenging to score well on.

  • A student in Class XII committed suicide on July 12 in the hostel of a private school in the Kallakurichi area. Widespread rioting resulted from the murder of the kid, who was a student at the Kaniyamoor Sakthi matriculation school in Kallakurichi of the Salem district. Protesters vandalised the school and set school buses on fire. Although the school administration stated that she committed herself by jumping to her death, her family accuses management of foul play in light of the initial post-mortem and her suicide note.

A special team looking into the issue has detained the two suspects, a chemistry instructor, and a mathematics teacher, for allegedly tormenting the student since the boy's death.

  • A 17-year-old was discovered dead later that day, July 25, in the dorm of a government-sponsored school in the Tiruvallur region. The youngster, who was from the hamlet of Thakkalur, was staying in the Sacred Hearts Girls' High School dormitory in Kilacheri, close to Mapedu. News articles concluded that the student got ready for class on July 25 but was subsequently discovered dead in her room. According to her sister, who was mentioned by ANI, she wasn't the kind to commit herself to suicide. The sister declared, "We won't accept her body until we know precisely what actually happened to her. Following a recent Madras High Court ruling that any unnatural death recorded in educational institutions shall be examined by the special crime branch, the investigation of this case was promptly shifted to the CB-CID.

  • Another Class XII student committed suicide at her Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, home the next day. According to Cuddalore district Superintendent of Police S Sakthi Ganesan, the student and her mother had a falling out, and she later committed herself in her chamber.

  • Another youngster allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. The boy's body was discovered at home, according to the police, and a suicide note in which he expressed his frustration with maths and biology.



There are many causes for committing suicide. Parents blame college and faculty authorities for the pressure they're exerting on the students. A parent said that many schools are practicing punishment and exert ‘unbearable pressure’ on students solely to provide ‘excellent results.

In an effort to complete the syllabus, the lecturers don’t hassle to examine if students have understood the subjects, creating them cautious and inflicting some require the forceful step of suicide.

Teachers, on the opposite hand, have their own reasoning for the tragedies. Explaining the plight, an educator said that for the past 2 years, owing to COVID-19, students were receptive and were setting up minimum effort. However, currently, students are back in class and got to contend with the burden of a full syllabus.


Copycat suicide is copying or duplication of another suicide where the person may gain knowledge from local or due to the depiction of suicides of the nature of suicides on television or media. In the absence of preventative variables, the well-known suicide acts as a template for subsequent suicide. This is known as a suicide cluster. Sometimes it spreads throughout a whole neighborhood, a school system, or in the case of a celebrity suicide wave, the entire country. In certain nations, it is traditional for the media to discourage suicide reporting, in order to avoid this form of suicide.

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